❤ Warning: May cause a strong addiction to baking! Even if you have never made cookies before, be aware that once you tried you might not wanna stop! 


❤ MAKECOOKIES is a online store of 3D printed cookie cutters of original and unique designs. It was born in April,2016 in Siberia (Omsk, Russia). Since then our cookie cutters have been traveling around the world to their new homes to bring there a sweet flavor of homemade cookies. In June,2017 we opened a studio in New York (U.S.)


We passionately love what we do, and do it at a highly professional level. Each of our cookie cutters takes a journey from an idea to the sketch, then to the graphic illustration, then to 3D model and finally to the ready 3D printed product. They are handy and easy-to-use, even if you bake the first time in your life. 

We do care about your safety and the future of our planet, that is why we use non-toxic biodegradable PLA plastic, derived from natural renewable resources and safe for people and animals.

We call our cookie cutters ‘Little Helpers’ and treat them with warmth and love. We always say that cookie – is always a good idea. And this is so true. Cookie of a certain shape can make people smile, amuse children, show your love and caring. You can “send” a cookie-message for any occasion. It can be “I love you”- cookies, “Get well soon” – cookies, “We miss you” – cookies, and so much more! 
❤ P.S. Thank you so much for being with us! The best award for us is your feedbacks, messages and photos of your cookies made with our little helpers. When you are happy, we are happy!

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